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Holistic Stress Management

Holistic Stress Management
through mindfulness & creative self-discovery

Holistic Stress Management

Holistic Stress Management
through mindfulness & creative self-discovery

Your journey matters. Create a life you love. 


Your journey matters. Create a life you love. 


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me and the services I offer. I hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop me a line.

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Create a Life you Love

Bridging the Gap Between Where you are and Where you Want to Be


Chronic, daily stress is a huge concern in America right now. It cuts across all age ranges and socioeconomic platforms. Chronic stress contributes to hypertension, difficulty sleeping, inability to lose weight, irritability, difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts, anxiety and depression to name a few. We are stressed out over our jobs, health, relationships, social media, spirituality, finances, family and even ourselves. We feel overwhelmed and lost. 

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most would you rate your current stress level?

If you rated under 5, well done! You are managing your stress nicely. 

However, if you rated over 5 you would definitely benefit from learning techniques to bring greater peace to your mind and body. 

What you many not know is that there are distinct proven techniques you can learn to manage stress and thrive. In fact, you will also gain greater peace and cultivate feelings of happiness. Sound good? 

We all need support in our lives especially when we are facing challenges. Being in your head "too much" is neither helpful nor productive. After studying personal development for over 25 years and counseling and coaching hundreds of people successfully navigate life challenges, I have created a program of my favorites that I personally use and I have taught my clients.


A skilled, trained compassionate guide can help you decrease stress and regain balance so that you feel strong and empowered moving forward with greater peace, happiness and success. I am here to help you bridge the gap and move forward with ease. 

Make sense out of what doesn't make sense



Are you...

Going through a significant life transition?

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Feeling stuck?

Having trouble deciding what to do next?

Would you like to...

Feel more empowered?

Move forward with confidence?

Have a clear picture of your next step?

Allow me to help you gain insight and direction. I work one on one with people and I offer courses and relaxation products that help you create a life that works for you. I offer practical, yet powerful solutions to overcome obstacles that many people in life transitions experience. I will help you listen to your own inner voice, transform your challenges, be more kind to yourself, and live your boundless potential.

Here are a few areas in which I can help you: daily stress, relationships (with yourself and others as in dating, family, co-workers, etc.), college prep, career, health and wellness.

Your inner guidance system


We all yearn to feel healthier, happier and more peaceful.  However, we often encounter perceived road blocks to obtaining our greatest desires. The road map lies within each of us. Becoming quiet and listening to our own inner voice is a challenge among all the distractions of every day living. There are ways of clearing out the clutter so that we can be more of who we are and experience the harmony of mind/body/spirit connection.   


The attainment of your goals, dreams, and deepest desires starts within you.  Every answer you seek from a challenge in your life can be found through the process of self-discovery. There are ways of developing and learning how to trust your inner guidance system to lead the way to becoming more of who you truly want to be and live your ultimate vision. Loving and being kind to yourself is the way to opening your mind and heart to experience more of what you long for. I will ask you strategic questions to help you uncover your truest desires and help you create steps and take action. As your guide I will be by your side supporting you along your journey.

About Us

The Happiness Recipe book


Allowing life to flow naturally instead of trying to anxiously manipulate life is an essential key of happiness.

The Happiness Recipe speaks to the core of all of our hearts' greatest desire which is happiness. Discover the key ingredients to happiness along with gaining valuable insight as to how you would like to experience happiness. 

Affirm: "I now release, let go and embrace the ever changing flow of life."

The Happiness Recipe

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cindy c. baker, ma, bcc


My Service  Purpose is to use my creativity and empathy to guide and empower others to live their highest vision in a context of love, peace and happiness.

Too many of us are focused on surviving instead of thriving. 

It is my intention to assist you in creating a life that works for you. 

Do you know what fills you up and makes you come alive?

my ideal client


I would love the opportunity to work with you if you are ready to learn a new way of living that will help you feel more empowered and peaceful. Are you willing to face your  challenges head on and make the most of them? Are you interested in personal development and are ready to put forth the time and energy in making your life even more awesome?

If you answered yes, then you are my ideal client.

The rewards of a well lived life are worth it!

Stress Busters 101 Online Course - Coming Soon!

Artful journaling

 No art skills required! You don't have to be a big writer either. It is a fun tool you will use throughout the course to record lessons and insights. You will most likely  find yourself referring back to it again and again over the years. 

de-clutter the stress based mind

 We are thinking beings with over 60 thousand thoughts a day. Learn mindfulness techniques to live in the present and leverage thoughts for your highest good. 


 Utilize easy to use relaxation techniques to quickly calm down your mind and body. Meditation helps balance both hemispheres of your brain and strengthens your prefrontal lobe which helps in decision making.  


  The most successful people have habituated ways of thinking that propel them forward.  You too can develop this skill set.  We can't drive somewhere new without a road map or GPS.  As you work the program you will become crystal clear about what you want to experience.  


 Life challenges can be confusing and lead to self-doubt. By developing a deeper understanding of life events and being able to look at them from another angle is empowering and feels so much better than stress. 


 Build a deeper relationship with yourself by using a holistic approach  to mind/body/spirit harmony. Connecting through kindness, with yourself and others, creates a positive head space that is in alignment with your goals.  

A Life you Love




CelebratING your uniqueness




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